Launched under the name atthehandlebars (for obvious reasons) as a blog for avid overland and adventure motorcyclists.

I’ve been riding motorcycles for 10 years – next to nothing compared to the seasoned veterans of adventure riding and over-landing. As the relative beginner I am, you can join me on the adventure every week, as I learn new techniques, how to repair things on the road and the silly errors I make along the way (let’s face it, there’s plenty of those coming).

If you love jumping onto the saddle and flying through space, this is the place for you. On this blog, you will find weekly updates of my motorcycle adventures around the world.


Personal Bio

Born and bred in the inner-west of Sydney, I grew up in a poor household with my five other siblings. As a child, some of my best memories are riding down the crappy, bumpy footpath on our old billy cart made out of old pram wheels and nailed together fence palings.

The most riding I ever I got done as a child was on a rusty, creaky old bicycle that we’d found dumped on the street on council clean up day. As kids, we weren’t exposed to the digital world until we were moving toward our teen years, so much of my growing up was spent outdoors, chopping wood and nicking blackberries off the neighbours tree down the road.

I began riding motorcycles at the age of 19, later then most, and earlier then some. My first bike was an Aprilia RS 125, where I quickly crushed up the gears. I had my first accident on a Kawasaki Z750 in the pouring rain, having to break hard, losing the front end and sliding up the road. I had a few more stupid prangs in the coming years.

As I grew a little older, and somewhat bolder, I came to realise that riding was my ticket to freedom. A place I could escape to, a place which belonged to me, and me only. In the time since then, I’ve owned a few bikes, from the japanese powerhouses to the current bike I’m crossing half the world on – an wonderfully fun english built Triumph Tiger 800 xc ’14.


The current ride


This ride was born on the couch of a good friend of mine in Casablanca. I remember Greg just casually passing me riding books from Spain to Russia, and regaling me with all his adventures on his GS1200. I had ridden a sponsored GS700 through Morocco (see these guys) for two months, touring every conceivable part of country I could find, and was looking at renting a bike in Europe for a few months. Greg came out with “why don’t you just buy one, it’ll be cheaper” – and so the Journey was born.

Within four weeks of my grand idea of riding back to Sydney from London, I had bought a 2014 Triumph 800 XC off a gentlemen named Will (Wollongong to Woolwich) in London. Without any time to waste, I was spending every hour of the day trying to organise visa’s and permits but still had barely any paperwork to carry me through. I left the country for France on June the 24th 2016, and the journey began…

I wanted to prove on this trip to everyone I know, and all the armchair experts of the world, (you know the type, the ones that read the paper and believe anything the media says) that travelling ‘Terrorist-ridden’ countries such as Morocco, Iran or Pakistan can be a wholesome and happy experience. I hope I can inspire other people to embark on their own ride, to have no preconceptions and see that the world… well it’s a pretty great place anywhere you go.

People are the same – we eat, we sleep, we laugh, we cry. Many areas and cultures of the world are misrepresented by media foul play and constant propaganda regimes. To date, I have made lifelong connections with people in the strangest, most distant of places… and no, one has tried to cut my head off or blow me up.

This blog was created, due a persistent best friend of mine, jamming it in my head that I should do some form of writing while abroad. So here it is, in all it’s glory, for those of you who like motorcycles, ride motorcycles, enjoy adventure or are dreaming of overland travel … this blog is here to show you that much is possible, even with the least bit of preparation and a ‘never say die’ attitude.

The best way I thought to achieve all of this? By doing something I love – riding a motorcycle.


Chasing mountains, dropping bikes and getting dirty... doing what I love most

Chasing mountains, dropping bikes and getting dirty… doing what I love most