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Applying for an Uzbekistan transit visa in Istanbul

Applying for an Uzbekistan transit visa in Istanbul

Applying for an Uzbekistan transit visa is fairly straightforward and can be done at the Uzbekistan consulate in Istanbul. You can also apply at this consul for a transit visa and pick it up in another city like I did – for example Tehran. Or if you wish, just wait out the days – in Istanbul I was told it was a 3 day business wait.

They will not have a problem forwarding the pick up of the visa to another consul. They were the least helpful consul after the notorious Turkmenistan consul, and I daresay would be more then happy to do as little work as possible to help you.

This is a good visa to have, especially if applying for the ‘North Korea’ of visas, the Turkmenistan visa. They will want to see that you are moving on for you to be successful for a Turkmenistan visa, and a Uzbekistan visa can help with this.

You can get up to a 72 hour transit visa approved – which is exactly what I got.

Getting the paperwork right for an Uzbekistan transit visa

Everything you will need for the Uzbekistan transit visa:

Application form filled out

– a copy of your application form

– Copy of your ‘booked’ accomodation

– a coloured copy of your passport

– copy of onward visa (eg Tajikistan)

– Transit letter

– Passport

– 2 photos 3 x 4.5 with white background

You can also look at the Uzbekistan transit visa in Turkey consular section.

Please note:

A letter of invitation ie:LOI is NOT needed for a transit visa.

The application form for an Uzbekistan transit visa

Just a few points to make on the application and paperwork

– when making the application for the transit visa, you will as usual, need to know the route and have this written on both the transit letter and application. Use google maps to help plan your route, so you have it in correct sequence for transiting.

– when completing the online application it will ask you for an address that you will be staying at. This is where you will put your hotel or hostel with your ‘booking’. I used www.booking.com, which enables you to book online without paying anything, and then cancel once you have your visa.

– if you happen to lose the second copy of your application like I did, all you need to do is fill out a new one (you need the copy for pickup of the uzbekistan transit visa). As long as it matches the old application form, it won’t matter about the barcodes. (I tried to get the Uzbekistan consul in Turkey to send me a copy of the original, but they just wouldn’t help)

The transit letter

On the transit letter, you will be explaining to the consul which route you are taking through Uzbekistan to your forward country. Include the main cities on the route so they can discern the route easily. Be clear and precise. Here’s what my letter said:

‘To the Uzbekistan consulate,

My name is (full name as in passport), and I am TRANSITING on the silk road to Tajikistan on my motorcycle. I will be TRANSITING through Uzbekistan via the Farab/Alat border crossing, to Bukhara, Samarkand, Baysun, Denau and then to the Uzbekistan/Tajikistan border crossing. I will be TRANSITING from the…. to the…. (insert dates).

Yours Sincerely

(Full name as in Passport)

If you have no computer access to complete the Uzbekistan transit visa application

If you have no computer access to complete the Uzbekistan transit visa application, there is another solution. At this location there is a small office that can fill out and complete the application for you, for a small fee. They are located 1 minute away from the Uzbekistan consulate. You’ll see ‘Uzbekistan Visa’ stamped in white on their window – keep in mind they aren’t an offical office, but can get the application completed for you.

Submitting the application for an Uzbekistan transit visa

Submitting the Uzbekistan transit visa application is quite straightforward. Locating the embassy address wasn’t. Nearly every single website has the old and extinct address – Şehit Halil İbrahim Cad. No:23, Sarıyer/İstanbul, Turkey – map location. DO NOT USE THIS ADDRESS, THE CONSUL HAS MOVED.

So, for your benefit, here is the up to date Uzbekistan consul address in Istanbul as of September, 2016 –

Lale Sokak No 8, Levent Caddesi, Istanbul MAP VIEW

After submitting your application, you can check your status on the same website that you applied for the visa on.

Picking up your Uzbekistan transit visa

Yes, you will need documents to pick up your Uzbekistan transit visa. The Tehran consul required me to have on pickup:

– the copy of your online application

– coloured photocopy of your passport

– passport (2 spare pages)

– copy of your transit letter

– copy of your onward visa (eg Tajikistan)

– copy of your ‘booked’ accommodation

– US dollars to pay for the visa

These documents will vary as per the country you are picking up.

If you are going to a country such as Kyrgyzstan or Kazahkstan, which for some nationalities are visa-free, just explain this to the consul, they should understand. (As a back up to this, it might be worth have a few ‘bookings’ in place in the next country on your itinerary, and have a copy to show them you will be moving on.)

Once your Uzbekistan transit visa is approved, (by checking here) you can go to your nominated consul to pick up your visa.

You will pay at the embassy (like I did in Tehran). For Australians the visa costs $55 USD. Make sure the notes are new and in good condition.


If picking up from the consul in Istanbul at the AK BANK near the consulate. I elected to pick up my transit visa in Tehran, and so paid $55 USD (in new banknotes) to the consulate there.

Please remember…

Keep in mind, this article is about applying for a TRANSIT VISA only, not a tourist visa. If you want to apply for a tourist visa, visit this awesome article or Caravanistan

For other notes, questions and how-tos on the Uzbekistan transit visa, visit the embassy forum for an Uzbekistan transit visa on Caravanistan.

Please leave any comments below about your experieces in getting an Uzbekistan Transit visa.

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