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After awkwardly waiting at my friend Janne’s door in Cologne for 20 mins pressing the bell, I hid inside the doorstep, hoping people weren’t suspicious of a shady looking bearded character hovering at a locals door. I wondered if I was going to get in. Maybe Janne was sleeping.  Then I started thinking, maybe she…


The transition to Oslo was smooth, quick and easy. The biggest challenge in Norway, as it was in Iceland, was to find food that wasn’t going to blow holes in my wallet instantaneously. Luckily, by this point I had already learnt to zero in on cheap (cheap being a relative term) places with edible food….


The first thing I was greeted by after walking out of Amsterdam Zuid station, was bicycles. Hundreds of bicycles, stacked high on dual level bicycle racks, bicycles to the left, bicycles to the right, bicycles in the sky, it was Queen’s ‘Bicycle Race’ in real life… Being so exhausted from… well from eating all that food…


Allura, I am in Rome, in a bar, finishing my third whiskey, and my second beer. I don’t know where I am exactly but the italian barman and I are having a good conversation about italian tradition, australian culture, german beer and christmas celebrations. I’m in a bar for another sneaky reason too… They serve aperativo –…