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Overland Riders

Great Reads – for the adventurer in you!

Great reads, informative articles or an exciting video is a great way to kickstart your overland adventure – and it’s much less difficult then you think. Reading Ted Simon’s book “Jupiters Travels”, reading up on Elspeth Beard, and watching Charlie and Ewan got me inspired – but I had no idea how to get started.

When I first thought about riding overland, I thought it would be impossible. Reading and watching the adventures of everyday people doing the stuff I’d dreamed of got me all fired up in no time. Here’s some great quality adventuring I’ve been following, which might get you all excited too. (If you have something you would like me to mention, get in touch!)




Michnus and Elsebie out of East London, South Africa. One of the best overland motorcycling blogs out there for… well everything overland motorbike!



Words straight from Mike and Shannon

“…trips got longer, the distance farther, until one day, after a month long haul to the Arctic Circle via the Dempster Highway, we returned home and, with hands on hips, just stared at our house from the street.

At that moment all either of us wanted was a hot meal and more gas for their bikes. The gypsy parasite had completed its lifecycle leaving us same-same but different. And like the earth’s magnetic poles flipping, or animals suddenly talking in English, everything had changed for us…”

Ana & Jon, architects and adventurers, welcome to their digital crib. XT660 through Africa, a KTM 690 and DRZ 400 through Asia.

Juvena and her Vespa rides from Singapore to Europe… and beyond!

Tinu and Xenia riding from Switzerland to Australia… why is everyone coming to visit me?!!! Great chop, have a read!


Meet Asta and Linas riding from Lithuania around the globe. 60,000 km and 40 countries from start to finish.


In 2008, Danielle Murdoch completed a ten month journey through South East Asia, Russia and Mongolia all on a XR 250. Again, in october of 2010, Danielle left Brisbane, Australia with the idea to travel halfway around the world from Australia overland through countries such as Sri Lanka, controversial Pakistan, war torn Syria to get to Africa. Where in 2011 she started her African section of her journey.



A website (including a blog) written by Jo and Sofie. Here you will find a blog of their adventures on a pair of TR650 Husky Terra’s. Aside from the interesting stories they have to tell from Europe to Central Asia, you will also find a few useful articles on what they geared their Terra’s out with, and their other adventure gear including riding and camping gear. You will also find links to other inspirational websites. A good place to stop by.

Shots from the bar. He’s just casually riding a Royal Enfield around Africa, you know, through the occasional rebel war and running away from militants. A most entertaining read



The tale of Will Wilkins and Kate Macdonell crossing from Wollongong to Woolwich. I’ve read the book back to front twice, and it sits in my right pannier, in a plastic zip lock bag.

Written with a down to earth humour, they re-tell their tales on a Suzuki DR 450 and a Yamaha XT250. Riding through places such as the mighty Karakorum highway in Pakistan to Khunjerab in China (before it was re-paved), mud roads in Thailand and navigating Nepalese traffic! There’s a few hair raising moments in there so have the dunny door open just in case!





Nora is tearing it up on her Suzuki V-Strom from the Netherlands to Bali and beyond. Living proof that girls can travel the world solo, on a bike, and have a great time doing it. She posts daily videos at 7AM GMT +2 (sorry if I’m wrong Nora!).


David and Evelyn, two supermodel Austrians ride from Austria to Australia! Two of my favourite guardian angels, they make great videos, check out their page for videos, reports, and pictures of their latest digs!


  • Brad

    February 24, 2017 at 7:00 am

    Hey, loving your trip πŸ™‚ Don’t know if you’ve read “Bearback: The World Overland” by Pat Garrod? Proud to call him and his wife friends (met them on one of their trips through Zimbabwe) – it’s well worth checking out.

    • atthehandlebars

      February 27, 2017 at 8:04 am

      Hey Brad, glad your enjoying the ride too πŸ˜‰! No I haven’t read it, but I’ll be sure to get a hold of jt – trying to get my hands on as many overland motorcycle sources as possible. Thanks for the heads up. Keep it paint side up 🀘


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