Biker and Bike

What is Biker and Bike?

Biker and Bike is a UK based online magazine that addresses all this motorcycling, from bike thieves in London to the emerging electric bike scene. Biker and Bike also features informative articles, from real riders, from the real world, on real bikes. I write occasional articles for the magazine related to riding a motorcycle in foreign lands and the perspectives that come with it. Click for the full articles on the linked pictures below.

UK to Australia (and Morocco too!)

Wondering what made me want to ride all the way to Australia (from the UK)?

People are the champions of your big ride!

It’s not the just the roads that make an adventure, it’s also alot about the people you meet.

A solo ride is never really solo

It’s rare to be on your own on a solo motorcycling trip!

Toolbag inspection time!

What do I pack for the big adventurous ride home?

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