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Useful links for overland motorcyclists

This page is dedicated to other websites I have found to be very useful links for motorcyclists in planning for my ride from London – Sydney. In this section, you will find links to forums, pages and other overland motorcycle blogs that I found to both informative and useful. (Keep in mind this is an ever growing list)

Route planning for overland riders and adventurers

Useful links for motorcyclists looking all overland information regarding travel routes, visas, documentation needed, repair shops, tire shops and the like.


A wonderful website with open forums, that will give you advice and guidance on the everything of riding two wheels around the world. Here you can find many experienced overlanders and ATW riders who are full of good information and accurate descriptions of where to find mechanics, spare parts and repairs, no matter where you are in the world. The most useful website I’ve used for overland riding, and overflowing with inspiration. Got a question on when to cross the himalayas? Looking for other riders to hook up with for tours? Burnt your clutch out in Iran and can’t find a mechanic for the job? Look no further, the answers are here.


Ahhhh.. Caravanistan. A comprehensive guide to the silk road and surrounds. Where would I be without this website?… Created by Steven and Saule, this website will cover everything you need to know about visas for the silk road. They have forums, articles and very well written how-to’s for embassys in the central asian countries. You’ll find the answers you need for central asia here.

Another excellent adventure riding website for those seeking information, inspiration and all adventure riding goodness. An great bundle of forums, full of personal recounts and blogs of roads travelled. Very useful for seeking out hard to find information that you can’t find other places. Made by riders, for riders. Highly recommended.

This website will give you all the roads you’ve been dreaming of. It has a world map which will load dangerous road listed on their world map – and you’re spoilt for choice. Search by continent, country or map. Whatever the case, this helps provide you a good routing plan for an exciting, adventurous ride!

The previous four websites are an absolute must see for useful links for motorcyclists. Everything you will need is in these four websites.

For the movie lovers among us…

Useful links for motorcyclists regarding good reads, motorcycle related documentaries and films. Written by motorcyclists for motorcyclists and the general public.

Why we ride

The crew of Why We Ride created an inspiring documentary back in 2013. This is by far, my favourite movie/documentary of all time, and explains to the viewer exactly what the title says – Why We Ride. A touching documentary based on motorcycling values for people from all walks of life. If you haven’t seen their movie, then I recommend watching it ASAP! On their website you will also find snippets from the documentary, and updates on the stars from the doco as well articles of what they are upto now. Something big is underway!

Global Tours (and solo bike hire!)



 Run by Gregarious Greg and Viki. Two of friendliest people you’ll meet, they run the world of Wheels of Morocco. You can hire motorcycles for your own tours in Morocco or organise solo or group tours with or without a BMW accredited guide. They run the business in a friendly but most professional manner.

They hire out Gs700s, Gs800s and Gs1200s. They also run training days in Morocco to enhance your skills as rider, both on and off road and their gear larder is rather large. I personally used their brand new GS700 on sponsored tour of Morocco for 2 months solo. The Atlas and the Sahara awaits you – get riding! Highly recommended. 🤘🏍


Karakoram Bikers is Pakistan based motorcycle tour company, that focuses on touring the Karakoram highway, and surrounding areas such as Hunza and Skardu. Tours come with (depending on group size)  guides – Hamza (aka Iron Lung), Lizzy and a selection of knowledgeable local guides. There is an onroad support vehicle available for the Pure Pakistan tour, which takes riders through places such as Deosai plains, Shigar desert and Lake Rama.

There is plenty of room for customising tours to your liking or if you’re of the independant breed like me, you can squirt off solo on a well maintained Suzuki GS150 instead. General safety gear is supplied and Karakoram Bikers can help you arrange and plan your own ride accordingly. Bring some friends and ride some bikes – because riding motorcycles is a way of life! 🤘🏍


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